The Wise Guy's Secret Guide

To Buying Used Cars

Yer gonna wanna download this one!

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Part e-Book, Part Smartphone App. Completely COOL!

Read it like a book, then take it with you when you go car shopping.

 Read it like a book

Ernie will give you all the low-down you need so that you can go out car shopping armed to the teeth! You will be able to shop for a car, avoid rip-offs, and SAVE MONEY!

Ernie guarantees that if you follow all his instructions, you will save at least $500 off the asking price of a used car or he will refund the cost of the app.

 Get A History Report

As part of the used car purchase process, Ernie recommends that you obtain a Vehicle History Report. Since Ernie is all about saving you money, he does NOT recommend spending $39.99 for the "Car Facts" report. Get the same information from the place he gets his - Try it yourself and see:

Check Your VIN Instantly:
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See that? Ernie just saved you $30.00!

 Shop with the App

Ernie can't go with you when you shop for a car, but his app sure can, and it's the next best thing to having him there! Download the app to your smartphone and it's like having instant, 24/7 access to Ernie as you shop for a car.

The app has videos and text that give you access to Ernie's knowledge right at your fingertips. And don't forget the guarantee!

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